GraphViz 2.44.0

Drop in replacement for @observablehq/graphviz with the following enhancements:

  • Based on latest version of GraphViz 2.44.0
  • Uses wasm for performance
  • Supports additional layouts:
    • circo
    • fdp
    • neato
    • osage
    • patchwork
    • twopi

Motivation - Viz.js has been deprecated as a project.


Very interesting, thanks for doing this Gordon.

I was curious about how big of a graph could be processed by graphviz on observable, so I went and try to render this graph

here is what I got following your examples

But it didn’t render, probably it was to big… Though of sharing in case it could be of help

Well it did manage the layout ok (I have bigger and pathogenic cases that crash in the wasm and to be fair crash the dot.exe as well!).

Adding H + V Scroll may help.

<svg width=“55438881pt” height=“40416233pt” …

Yea the browser render engine gives up I suspect!

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