Request for enhancement: improve graphviz support

Right now, the graphviz dot support is really neat! However it doesn’t support the spring graph layout algorithm in graphviz, neato. If you try to add a graphviz graph with a “neato” layout, you just get “Error: Layout was not done”

example of neato not working: no neato :( / Bill Mill | Observable

It appears that the work has been done to support this algorithm here: GraphViz 2.44.0

example of neato working with that fork is at observable ed2e1122c0e94038, I’m not allowed to make a third link so you’ll have to do it yourself if you want to see the glorious spring layout.

The built-in dot only loads the “lite” renderer. You can see an example of how to load the “full” renderer with Neato here:

Here’s an example with an import you can copy and a demonstration of using Neato:

Thanks, very neat!