Free Data Visualization Fundamentals and Best Practices Course hosted by Observable starting March 7th

Starting March 7th Data Visualization Developer Robert Kosara will kick off a three-week course on Data Visualization Fundamentals and Best Practices

Learn more, and register here: Course: Data Visualization Fundamentals and Best Practices / Observable | Observable

Course Description

When do you use a bar chart over a line chart? What are area charts good for? What’s wrong with pie charts? Learn about how these different types of data visualization work, and how they’re used, in Observable’s first data visualization course! Attend lectures (or watch them later), ask questions, and once you’ve completed a small assignment at the end, you’ll earn a certificate.

What you’ll learn

In this course, you will learn:

  • the basic chart types, how they differ, and what each is best suited for
  • how to pick the right chart type depending on the data you’re working with and the questions you’re trying to answer
  • when and how to use aggregations, such as binning, smoothing, etc.
  • the difference between using charts for exploration and analysis vs. presentation
  • when and how to add interactive features to charts
  • how to create them using Observable’s Plot library

When I teach intro stats I always let them know that we’ll see exactly one pie chart during the semester:


I guess it comes from Flowing Data.

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