Find components faster with the new Add Cell Bar

Speed up your daily workflow with the new Add Cell Bar and newly revamped Add Cell Menu. The basic building blocks in Observable are now just a click away.

Add Cell Bar

The new Add Cell Bar allows you to quickly find and insert basic cell types with a single click. Choose JavaScript for code, Text for markdown, Data for a Data Table cell, and Chart for a Chart cell.

Add Cell Menu


We’ve also made some improvements to the Add Cell Menu:

  • Search: Visible by default, we’ve added the ability to quickly find the components you need to build your data visualization
  • Sample Data: Quickly get started with sample data from our standard library
  • Connect to Data: Pro users can connect to a remote database without leaving the notebook to configure the connection
  • Visual Design: The visual design of the menu has been updated to make it easier to scan the available options.

Cell Suggestions

Cell suggestions now appear in the same row as the new Add Cell Bar, underneath the currently active cell. This makes it easier to see what logical next steps you could take while working in a cell. For example, you can create a chart from a Data Table cell with just one click.

Quick Actions

Next to the cell suggestions, we’ve added the duplicate and delete buttons for quick access to common actions.

For more information about the new Add Cell Bar, see the documentation. Or, try it out today!

We’re listening

Observable values your feedback and would love to know how your experience has been with the new Add Cell Bar.