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Feature Request - Navigate to body

Ctrl+click to navigate to method/function body (as we have it in vs code)


+1. Also, it’s not the same, but if you alt+double click on a cell reference, then it’ll scroll to the definition of the cell.

Ex go to bar chart notebook, and inside the code for the chart cell, hover over the data reference (should have a light blue underline), then hold alt + double click, should take you do the definition of the data cell

tho having this for all variables/functions within cells would be nice too!

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Alt double-click did not work for me. Am I missing something? What is the best way to navigate around a long notebook?

This is the best way to navigate around


Thank you. (I do not know how to display information in the right margin - is there a button to open this or display data? I probably should know, but don’t!) I was hoping to use a bookmark to scroll between cells - is that possible? The links I have embedded open a new URL page - they do not scroll within the notebook.

if your screen is too narrow, then the visual dataflow won’t appear on the right side. You can try widening your browser window, or zooming out to see it Introducing Visual Dataflow / Observable / Observable

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I really appreciate the prompt responses. On both Chrome and Edge, the icon for dataflow is dim and gives a message “Visual Dataflow is not yet implemented.” I have not yet found what may be causing this, so further guidance would be appreciated.

@smithGit The Observable team is still busy transfering some existing features to its feature preview version, “Next”. In the meantime you can select “Switch to Classic” from the notebook menu to edit your notebook within the “old” interface. You can switch back to Next at any point through the same menu.

Whenever you see a greyed-out option in Next, it means that the feature hasn’t been implemented there yet.

Ahah - I’m just beginning to drink the Observable ecosystem Kool-Aid so there is a lot I am not up to date on. Switching to Classic did the trick. I will switch back and forth to get a better feel. Thanks to all.