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Bring back Visual Dataflow in Experimental/Labs

Trying out the Experimental / Lab feature here, and it’s quickly obvious that Visual Dataflow has disappeared from the right sidebar. I like the quick access to the Attachments and Keyboard Shortcus, but sorely missing Visual Dataflow: I used it quite a bit to quickly navigate notebooks.

If this is already being worked on (ie a one-click icon on the right sidebar to bring up Dataflow) then disregard this!


This is a github channel to report issues:

There seems be a lot of standard features not ported to the next version. I guess they are focused on debugging the new features.


Hi @josesho & thanks for trying out the latest & greatest!

As @hellonearthis pointed out, there are several features that are not yet available in the “next generation” experimental version of the notebook. You can see these as greyed-out in the UI, and read some additional details about what’s not yet supported here: https://next.observablehq.com/@observablehq/working-with-observable-collaboration

Rest assured, we will be implementing visual dataflow in a future version of the next-gen notebook. In the meantime, you can switch back to “classic” view at any time using the “…” notebook menu. Hope that helps!


Great to hear it’s coming back- I was just popping in to mention I’d noticed the lack of visual dataflow and am missing it. Currently switched back to classic. it’s invaluable!

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