Feature request: "Safe" mode elective cell rendering, block folding, CaretPosition history

Good day! I hesitate to offer suggestions, there’s so much here already… however I’ll pitch these.

Perhaps they could appeal to you too; or maybe you have other workflows that dispense with any need of them - in which case I would likely marvel. So…

  1. I’d like to e.g. Cmd-Opt-Shift-Enter to elect to render one or more cells (whilst in safe mode).
  • If I could elect (perhaps optionally, perhaps not) to pause recording of evaluation history whilst that feature was active (so I might hack away without complicating that) then that could be a nice bonus for me.
  1. I’d like to fold blocks in safe mode

  2. I’d love to navigate the history of caret positions (something akin to ctrl-o and ctrl-i in vim).

Thanks for your consideration and best wishes!