Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment Tool

While I am not involved in this initiative, I thought I would advertise it here (because it could easily be done w/ Observable, I imagine). Very large contract on offer (1.75 million USD max budget). Intended for a firm to apply:

The objective of the assignment is to provide software consultancy services to inform the development of a climate and disaster risk screening and assessment tool for use on ADB investment projects in Asia and the Pacific. The initial call-off order under this framework contract is expected to include development of an advisory report setting out the recommended approach and high-level architecture for the tool and its integration with ADB IT systems, to be developed in consultation with key stakeholders. Subsequent call-off orders are expected to be issued for software development.

The expert firm will be engaged through a framework contract effective for the period May 2022—31 December 2024 and will be issued a call-off when required to undertake assignments. It is envisioned that up to three call-offs will be issued during this period. Depending on the requirements of the assignment, the call-off may be time-based or lump-sum; and will specify the TOR with detailed requirements for the task, number of working days, expected outputs, timing, and location-specific out-of-pocket expenses (per diem and travel) if applicable. The call-off will be processed before the
start of the specific assignment by ADB and will become effective when a Notice to Proceed (NTP) is issued. The award of a framework contract provides no guarantee of future work.


I had to login to before I could read that link.

Thank you for the heads up. I wasn’t aware it was private. I’ll look for a public URL shortly.