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UI/UX for Observable Open Survey: Nov-Dec 2021

Anyone know a good UI/UX designer that prototypes in JavaScript? I’m coordinating an innovative project at ADB with Tom Larkworthy and we’re looking for a team member to join us. The project will run Nov-Dec 2021 to build out inputs and results interfaces for an survey tool we’re building using Observable. Please direct message if you’re interested!

Please note: This position requires that candidates belong to ADB member countries, of which there are 86. One may be from either a regional or non-regional member country.


As a bit of a follow-up, we opened a call for Expressions of Interest. Thanks to those of you who’ve followed up privately. Looking forward to moving forward with this project and ideally having an application to share soon.

Special thanks to @tomlarkworthy for leading this project!


Thanks to @saneef! for responding to this request. It is a great privaldge to behold your expertise, design and aesthetic!

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