$10K Challenge: Visualizing Climate Change & Resilience

Hi Community!

Observable and Asian Development Bank just launched a challenge on data visualization for climate resilience.
We’re excited to see your stories & solutions! The incentive to participate is a contract valued at USD $10,000 for a follow-on workshop (or workshops) in collaboration with ADB’s Nepal Resident Mission.

Check out our Observable notebook with full terms and conditions. Deadline for submissions is November 4, 2022 at 23:59 PM [GMT +8]

Thank to the Observable Team and Ambassadors for helping to make this happen!


9 days remaining in the challenge! We’re eager to see submissions :slight_smile: On the ADB challenge platform, we currently have participants from across 16 unique countries! Thanks to those who have registered and we welcome more folks joining in! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Less than 5 days remaining in the challenge! If you’re been working on ideas in Observable, please remember that participation is formally registered through the ADB challenge website. There are a few registration questions that we ask teams to fill out as well. :wink:

Thank you!

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38 hours left! Looking forward to seeing some great data stories of climate resilience!


Thank you, Community!

The final numbers for the Visualizing Climate Change & Resilience challenge are:

(Extended Deadline: November 8, 2022)

  • Registered participants: 56 teams consisting of 96 individuals (!!!)
  • Submissions started : 28
  • Complete submissions: 18
  • Submissions qualified after screening (i.e. those with an Observable notebook): 13

This is a great success! We have some gorgeous submissions and more than we can shortlist. I look forward to seeing which 5 are chosen to progress into the mentoring phase, and I am excited to meet the teams and authors!


Thank you so much!


Wow! Competition is so tight! Less than 24 hours left in the judging for shortlisted notebooks. Maybe we should also factor community favorites? @waynesutton created a collection of qualified submissions–please like your favorite!

ADB Visualizing Climate Change & Resilience Challenge Submissions / Observable / Observable (observablehq.com)

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Hi everyone!

ADB invites you to the Visualizing Climate Change & Resilience Challenge Showcase Event on 2 Dec

ADB’s South Asia Department (SARD), in partnership with ITD and Observable HQ, has launched the Visualizing Climate Change & Resilience Challenge to seek creative data visualization techniques to make the importance of addressing climate change more accessible to ADB’s client government counterparts. The challenge culminates in a Final Showcase Event on December 2, 2022, when five finalist teams will demonstrate their data stories to a live audience. Catch the opportunity to see innovative forms of data visualization in climate change and resilience, and exchange views and ideas on how high-quality data visualization solutions can drive policy decisions in developing member countries.

This online event is open to the ADB community and the public. Everyone is invited to pre-register to attend the virtual event on 2 December 2022, 1:00 – 3:00 pm via Zoom (Manila/Singapore).

Visit Event Website

Please register here.


I am too late to for the party. Are there any opportunities to work on this challenge in a cooperative and funded conditions? I’d like to implement a cellular automata model based on TerraMe into Observable, but it is technically unreal to do such things alone and without money.

Thank you for your interest in the challenge! The idea you introduced sounds very intriguing–I just read into TerraME and it looks like a helpful tool for examining complex spatial phenomena! While ADB does run a variety of challenges, and some that may be helpful for realizing more demanding concepts, this particular challenge is a bit less ambitious: focusing on storytelling and visualization. Learning from this experience (my first time to run such an event), I appreciate that it would have been helpful to have some pre-launch announcements so that a greater number of people could plan their participation. I regret we missed the opportunity to engage with you, and I am thankful for your interest! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with as you continue your data work and explorations!

What an amazing day! All teams gifted us incredible submissions: ADB Visualizing Climate Change & Resilience Challenge Submissions / Observable | Observable

And we are delighted to announce the winner: team Data Whale :whale2::

Thank you also to our amazing mentors and judges. Of those in our community, please allow me to recognize @tereza, @hellonearthis, @saneef, @EE2dev, @pstuffa, @eagereyes, @tomlarkworthy, @allisonhorst, and @clintbagley ! One cannot be more fortunate than to be among such company!


And here’s the video from the event! Visualizing Climate Change & Resilience Challenge Showcase Event

Thank you everyone for all your support, and thank you to all our amazing participants!

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