Chinese version for tutorial series

Provide the Chinese version for tutorial series to help more people know about it.


Nice work! I missed the tweet about the tutorials so I didn’t see them till now. I suspect the tutorials are still work-in-progress by the Observable team, which is why they haven’t yet been placed in the “Introduction” Collection.

With that in mind, here are a few quick comments (which I just realized come from issues with the original tutorial notebooks):

  • The “Fork of Tutorial 1: Lunch calculator” link at the top is broken. Presumably this is because the published notebook is under the @observablehq account and forking doesn’t respect that. fixed!

  • the “Sign in” and “+ New” buttons are unreadable on dark mode (as are “Shift-Enter”, “Tab”, etc.).

  • The “Getting extra help” sections at the bottom of the tutorials has a typo: “the Observable user form” should be “the Observable user forum

  • Tutorials 2 and 3 don’t render well in Firefox due to this issue.

I’ll try to take a look at your translations in detail soon too!

I had a chance to read the first tutorial and it looks great; I think it will make the site accessible to a lot more people.

I also just noticed that the thumbnail seems to be broken; the Chinese characters all currently render as boxes.

Right now the thumbnails are generated with a pretty slim set of fonts, which don’t have great unicode coverage. It’s high on my list of priorities to get a better set installed so that we have coverage of CJK and many other glyphs.

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:confetti_ball: Good news! It took a little while, but we now render thumbnails with the lovely Google Noto fonts, which greatly improve our support for many languages.