Bug: Date in notebook teasers not showing year

A convention for shortened dates is to drop the year if the date lies within the past year.

Observable has been around long enough that there are now many notebooks that are older than a year. The date in notebook teasers still only shows the day and month, making the information rather pointless in all listings except “Recently published”.



The same problem exists in the revision list of the history view:

Additionally, the date shown in the title tooltip is unformatted.


Bumping, because it’s becoming increasingly annoying in notebook searches.

Thanks for posting about this @mootari. I’ve pushed an update that — across the board — should format dates in listings consistently, restrict relative dates to within a week, and include years in dates that are more than six months ago.

If you notice any other wonkiness in our date formatting, please let us know.

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The title timestamps in the history are still unformatted:

Should those be fixed as well?