Bug: Autosuggest results show update date instead of publishing date

Result entries in the autosuggestion list of the search box show the date on which a notebook was last updated, while everywhere (?) else the publishing date is displayed.

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I realize that you guys are busy, but if you could at least acknowledge that you’ve read a bug report, it would tell me that I’m not wasting my time by creating these posts. Thanks!

Hi @mootari. Sorry no one replied. We share responsibility for responding to forum threads and other support requests, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. I’ve opened a PR internally that fixes this issue and we appreciate you noticing this bug and reporting it. Thank you!

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It’s great that everyone on the team can equally chime in, but if I may offer a suggestion: Perhaps there could be a person on the team that will keep an eye out for topics that have gone unnoticed for a couple of days, to either delegate or respond directly (if they apply to Observable as a platform or are in any other form directed at the team).