history record of 'public' is now defunct; shall I just ignore it?

It looks like the ‘published (latest)’ indicator is no longer accurate. Shall I just regard this as an artefact of the change record and try to ignore it until it eventually goes away? seems otherwise to be conveying inaccurate status information:

:wink: just a question. thank you for this amazing product!

nice catch! that is indeed an artifact of the old system – we have plans to update the history pane to reflect our new sharing model, so please ignore that for now.

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I see two things that look wrong here:

  • Showing ‘(latest)’ on that Aug 24 entry. We should get rid of that.
  • We don’t show an entry for when the notebook was made Public (and I suspect we don’t show an entry for when it was made private either)

Previous versions that were Published should still show in the history panel as Published since that would indicate that those versions are publicly accessible. And then, if we show an entry for when the notebook was made public, then versions after that are all publicly accessible (in addition to the previous versions that were published)

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