Auto-close Syntax Containers

For each of [,{,(,',",```, et cetera, it’d be great to have the corresponding character automatically entered to close the container. Additionally, if pressing enter within an empty syntax container, like {<cursor here>} moved the closing character two lines down and put it at the same level of indentation as the original line while moving the cursor down one line and making its indentation level +1, that’d be swell, I think.

Good news folks, who use this editor setting! You can now choose to Auto-close pairs on your user settings page.

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Great! It even properly skips over the character when you explicitly type the closing bracket. Very useful feature. I recommend everyone turn this one on.

(I believe this was originally a TextMate feature… but even if it originated earlier, I’m now quite used to it after a decade+ as a TextMate user.)

Found the setting just now, it is awesome :slight_smile: