backticks don’t make auto-close pair when typing a template literal

The auto-close pairs feature is great, but there’s one minor nit that comes up dozens of times a day for me, and is like a little paper cut at this point: typing a template literal trips it up.

If I type foo( in a cell editor box, then the result is foo(‸) as expected, where represents the caret (“insertion point”). If I type just ˋ, then as desired I get ˋ‸ˋ, and typing a second ` will skip over the closing backtick.

But if I type foo`, no matching backtick is inserted, which should probably be considered some kind of bug. This wouldn’t be too bad by itself, but the real kicker is that when I try to type the closing backtick (if it comes after a newline or space) it is treated as the opening element of a pair, so I end up with fooˋ template content ˋ‸ˋ, and I have to explicitly forward-delete the final extraneous ˋ every time.

This is a relatively minor inconvenience each time, but it gets to be pretty distracting when trying to make a bunch of markdown cells or the like.


I agree completely with this issue, rather annoying and it comes up a few times every time I use Observable.

I also have the same issue, especially the two back ticks at the end that I have to trick into only deleting one of