Working with BigQuery outside of observablehq

Hi there all! I know the way to work with databases are either having your NB not shared or using teams. And unfortunately neither option work in my case, where I have to run my notebook outside of the observablehq, i.e by exporting code. I tried connecting to BigQuery in my observable NB just fine and can visualize the data through my connection. But once I export the code and run it locally It displays blank page. What are my options? Is there a way to run observable environment locally just like Jupiter? ( I saw this question being asked before but I’ve not seen a clear answer from @mbostock :slight_smile: )

How are you running it locally? Opening the index.html page in a browser from the file system? Could you try opening the downloaded code using something like python -mSimpleHTTPServer or npx http-server?

Hey @visnup, when I try to run it via http server I get:

client = RuntimeError: DatabaseClient is not defined

Ah! Yes, that totally makes sense. I should’ve thought of that. DatabaseClient is very much tied to and is not immediately usable outside.

I’m curious to hear more about your use case… Do you think you’d have time to jump on a call to talk through it with me? If I understood your constraints a bit better, I might have some useful suggestions.

Sure, how would you like to make a call: Zoom, Google video, Webex? And when.

Can do Zoom or Google Hangouts. I’m in Pacific Time… Maybe sometime tomorrow morning? I’m free at 9 AM or 11 AM. You can reach me at


Hi @visnup, I reached out to you via email, but hear no answer :slight_smile: Anyone else on @observablehq-machine can help me on this?

yup, sorry. just replied via email.

I did reply too! :slight_smile: