disconnected observable

i’m sorry if this has been asked somewhere else but i can’t find it. let’s say i want to run something like the notebook here: https://observablehq.com/@d3/nested-treemap
but i can’t, or don’t want to, run connect to the internets*.

what are my options?

it seems to me there are two options. i either somehow setup a local observable-local server. or two, pull the d3.v6.js code local and excise the stdlib bits.

i’ve no idea how to do the former and the later is a pita which means most of the current and future examples are pretty to look at but otherwise unobtainable.

how are others solving this problem?

thanks - keith

  • because i have one or all of:
  1. shitty internet with high-latency and low bandwidth.
  2. i’m on an airplane preparing my presentation and i’m too cheap to pay for inflight wifi.
  3. my data is all NSA/CIA/DoD super-secret stuff in a SCIF without interwebs.
  4. i like to have my libraries sitting next to me so i know they are available and static.

Hi @keithpjolley, and welcome to the community!

Are you just looking to play with exiting notebooks offline, or are you wanting to author them too?

Have you seen this:

Basically, you can run any notebook offline just by downloading the code as a tarball, unzipping it, throwing up a local serverref1, ref2, and then double opening the index file.

Does this help, or am I misinterpreting your question?

i hadn’t seen that. it looks like it’ll do what i need. thanks!