Runtime: Need of real offline mode

I am trying to run Observable’s runtime as module in an offline (museum setup IOT machine) mode, using a number of modules. As we’re dependent on some external libraries, I’ve tried to set up an “offline” version of all the modules in this notebook:

When I look at the network activity (or try to disconnect from any internet connection and run the standalone notebooks), here’s what I see:

(See highcharts.js and htl.min.js for instance…)

Is there anyone who have successfully been able to navigate running notebooks in an offline environment?

Did you find this example?


Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve had a bit more of a look. We have a number of linked notebooks, which I need to connect to one another, which doesn’t seem like it’ll be an issue. I just have to multiply the workflow and connect them with a good old regular href.

But, here’s my problem now: is not included with the standard d3? How would I add d3-selection to the d3 package? (Similarly, I’m having trouble with the wordcloud addition to highcharts, which I believe probably follows the same pattern…

RuntimeError: is not a function

Here’s an example screenshot of the result:

Never mind - I resolved it by rearranging the order in which d3 and d3-selection were loaded.