Workflow diagrams. Is easily possible here?

Hi all fellow talkers. I discovered Observable today as part of a wide search for a tool to turn table data into flow diagrams. It lead to which in turn lead to r-graph-gallery, python-graph-gallery and on the subject of Dendrograms. That finally brought me here to Observable.

Across all of these there is a strong presence of Java code, among others. Working through some of the documentation, videos and so forth it’s clear that I’ve stumbled on something pretty powerful. I’m however not clear on how possible/easy it would be to set up a decision table that can be converted into a flow diagram. As a non-technical person my aim is of course more to get to the produced product than to extensively learn a new skill and tool-set.

What say you on feasibility for a decision flow solution and on the value of effort in getting to know Observable and scripting towards that end goal?

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Lol hello fellow talker indeed, sayest me to thee. Observable auto-loads the Mermaid and Graphviz libraries for drawing network diagrams. We don’t have any point-and-click GUI for constructing them, so feasibility depends on how you feel about the markup examples in those notebooks. I’ve used it occasionally for simple diagramming, it’s pretty handy. You can fork one of those examples, tweak ’em, publish them if you wanna just point people to your notebook, or “Download PNG” / “Download SVG” from the little “” menu to the left of the diagram cells when you hover over them.

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