What kind of visualization do I need?

Hello. I am working on a project where I must show how some documents branch to other documents and how the combination of two or more of them generates other documents. This is what I have in mind:

I must show that:

  • documents branch to multiple other documents
  • two or more documents in any branch and level can be combined into a “context”, that generates other documents
  • there’s some hierarchy

What kind of visualization that can include those functionalities do you recommend?


Graphviz would likely be a solid choice.

Observable notebooks directly expose an older version of Graphviz (0.2.1 at the time of this writing) through the dot template function.

Here is an example:

Alternatively you could consider git graphs, e.g. via Mermaid:


Thank you so much @mootari ! That looks perfect! You did much more than I could have expected.
I’ll try to implement Graphviz right away into my solution.
Thanks again!

If you decide to explore the git graphs as well (or learn some interesting hacks while implementing the subgraphs) please be sure to share your results here! :slight_smile: