Why does my scraper don't collect the latest data

I’ve coded a small scraper which collects data from Radio France website (French broadcast). The goal is to collect all podcasts on this page L'invité de 8h20 : le grand entretien : podcast et émission en replay | France Inter

Here is my notebook :

For some unknown reason, the latest podcast from June 3 isn’t collected by my function getPodcasts(). It seems to work perfectly for podcasts until May 30

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No idea, sorry!

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Looks like there were simply no new episodes between May 30 and June 3?

By the way, I would recommend to scrape the RSS feed instead of the HTML: L’invité de 8h20 : le grand entretien

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Thanks for your answers.

The RSS feed is also a good solution with more results : Get RSS from RadioFrance / PAC | Observable

The behaviour of getPodcasts is still a bit weird.