RSS / Atomto follow people publications


I would love being able to follow the last notebooks of someone on Observable. One possibility would be to publish a RSS/Atom file for every user page. Other would be more advanced: an option to follow someone, and then a tab in my account to see all the last posts, with also RSS/Atom on this page.


Sure, that’d be great! We’ll probably first implement being able to follow specific people with push notifications, because, alas so many people have abandoned Atom/RSS :confused: but this would be a great follow-up.


Do you have actual data to support this? I don’t, but it seems to me that things might be changing (e.g this article). Atom/RSS are great standards that give users control of their own information consumption. The design pattern of push notifications is flawed and is arguably damaging to users’ well-being in many cases. I love Observable but I would love it even more if you guys took an informed stance on issues like this one.

@sorig, please be patient. We’re planning on supporting Atom/RSS, and we’ll ship it as soon as it’s ready.


Great, thanks Mike! I was just worried that it was far down your priority list compared to push notifications.

RSS feeds for authors are live! You should be able to paste a profile URL into your preferred feed reader to subscribe. For example, my profile is:

And my RSS feed is:


Thank you very much. Good work, you are too fast!

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Would it be possible to add collection RSS feeds too? I’d like to be able to follow the latest notebooks added to a couple of collections.


RSS for collections is now live. Thank you for the suggestion! Here is an example feed:


Thank you so much!


This is great! I was just thinking this was a feature I wanted.

Is it discoverable? With my old (but usually trustable) Reeder, it doesn’t look like it gets the feed’s url from profile nor collection. Inspecting the source doesn’t show the usual <link…> either.


Dynamically added, it seems:

The link is updated, so adding RSS from user profiles should work again. We server-render the pages for anonymous visitors only, so if you open developer tools on a logged-in page, you won’t see the SSR result.

Any chance you might allow cross origin requests for .rss paths, for some sweet, sweet, notebook based syndication? :smiley:

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Just curious what folks are using for an RSS reader. Haven’t used one before but looking for something simple that would notify me when an author I follow publishes something. Cheers.

It would be really awesome if there was an alert system similar to here ( with notifications under our profile icon… where you would see a list of recent notebooks by authors you follow.


I’m using Feedly but it doesn’t do push notifications. The Newsify app does, though.


I’d like to bump this. Is anonymous CORS for these resources something you’d be willing to implement?