What will happen when my trial expires to my private notebooks?

Will they become public automatically?
Also, I did not sign up for a trial, I guess that happened automatically.
Which is also what worries me on what you’ll do automatically.

I don’t work at Observable but I’ve been following this pretty closely. My understanding is that private notebooks will stay private. Free account holders will lose the ability to edit private notebooks or to create new ones, however.

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Oh ok, I hope someone can confirm this, for one I don’t know if all the data I play with is mine to be shared, and two, much of it is quite embarrassingly bad.
But for the future this would seem reasonable, I just don’t want the ones I created thinking would never see the light of day suddenly pop up for everyone to see.

All existing users were opted into Pro Individual accounts with a trial period until Dec 1, 2022. @mcmcclur is exactly right. Your existing private notebooks will remain private. See the FAQ item here

Thanks a lot!