Notebooks disappear when changed to private for free users

Greetings. So I just changed a notebook which had been public to private, then logged out. Now there seems to be no way to get back to the notebook. As a free user it seems that I can now create private notebooks (yay), but then cannot see them anymore as there is no ‘access’ menu for free users

After some minor panic I was able to get the URL for a pro account to list private notebooks, and then switch the user name.

For others who have this problem:

Ah interesting — you don’t see this “Access” dropdown on the “Notebooks” tab (left-hand nav bar)?

If you click your propic in upper right and click “Your profile”, that’s your public profile, so it won’t show private notebooks. But also, your homepage should be showing the most recent notebooks you’ve viewed, which shouldn’t be affected by changing the access level.

Just re-reading this carefully… after you logged out, you would not see private notebooks, right? When logged out, you would only see your public notebooks on your profile page Daniel Howe | Observable. When you sign back in, you should see your private notebooks and the Access dropdown that Toph mentioned.