Vim keybinding issues

Using vim keybindings, I seem to encounter random unintended behavior, but wanted to make sure it isn’t user error.

I expected that while editing a cell, hitting ESC and then : should allow to enter commands every time. However when I first load an observablehq page this behavior is observed, but after some navigation and editing, : no longer enables command entry, and instead just exhibits a half sized block cursor. I can’t obviously get back to a state where : enables command entry (such as :q to leave the cell editing mode).

Is this intended behavior? Am I missing some command?

In my experience, that half block cursor means that you’ve entered the first half of a command that is waiting for the second half, like d waiting for a motion to delete. For me I can press ESC to get back to a normal mode cursor (full block). Though in my experience, : works fine with both cursors.

I haven’t seen this myself, but if you can figure out how to isolate it, that would be interesting. Other things that might be related is pressing ESC with modifiers like alt or shift.

Seems random - difficult to pin down the cause. I use vimium, but have disabled it for observable notebooks, and this is on chrome (dev). ESC doesn’t re-establish : functionality. Nothing even shows up in the inspector console. The only way to re-establish : functionality is to reload the whole page. Sounds like a bug.