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Is it possible to enable the CodeMirror vim keybindings?


When I use jupyter, jsfiddle or codepen.io, I can enable vim keybindings in the codemirror editor. Is this possible somehow with observable notebooks as well?


Undocumented CodeMirror Shortcuts (multiple selection)

Yep, believe me, as the daily (neo)vim user on staff, I’m rallying hard for vim keybindings soon. There are a few hurdles we need to clear before we get there (storing settings, harmonizing keybindings with jupyter, making extra-sure that no keys interfere with Windows) but it’s certainly a priority for me / us.


Is there now a way to enable vim keybindings with observable notebooks?


It seems like vim keybindings option is important for the vim users.
@tom do you have any updated on the “hurdles cleanup” progress that you have mentioned a year ago?


I’ll report back here the moment that anything changes with respect to vim keybindings. The feature is still on our list.