Using duckdb JSON functions

I thought I’d use duckdb’s json_group_object function but got the error

Error: Catalog Error: Scalar Function with name "json_group_object" is not in the catalog, but it exists in the json extension.

Please try installing and loading the json extension by running:
LOAD json;

Alternatively, consider enabling auto-install and auto-load by running:
SET autoinstall_known_extensions=1;
SET autoload_known_extensions=1;

I tried following DuckDB support for read_json · Issue #1007 · observablehq/framework · GitHub and upgrading the duckdb (using this suggestion) but that didn’t resolve the issue (which I guess it won’t because that suggestion is about importing DuckDB WASM client but my sql code uses DuckDBClient from "npm:@observablehq/duckdb"; which is not using the latest DuckDB WASM engine).

Kind Regards

Hopefully this will be resolved with the next stable release of duckdb-wasm. I don’t think we can do much on the side of Framework.