DuckDB isn't working

Is anyone else having trouble with DuckDB? My own code is no longer working, and neither is the official Observable DuckDB notebook.

Sorry about this; it should be fixed now.

We upgraded the version of @duckdb/duckdb-wasm we use from 1.17.0 to 1.20.0 expecting it to be backwards compatible and didn’t sufficiently test before releasing. We reverted back to 1.17.0 within ten minutes, but due to some continuous integration headaches, it took a couple hours to get the fix out. Apologies for the disruption. We’ll try to do a better job testing upgrades next time.


Thanks, Mike, for the prompt fix and for explaining what happened. My students are using DuckDB for a class project, and we were relieved to see things that had been working start working again.

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