duckdb error within Observable Framework

Hello there,

I’m having a strange issue where my publications.db duckdb file raises Error: Serialization Error: Failed to deserialize: expected end of object, but found field id: 104. This file was created using the python duckdb package, and I’ve noticed that if I go back and export all the tables to csvs and then import them using the duckdb cli then the database is fine at that point.

Does anyone have any clues why this might be happening? I can attach the publications.db file if folks are interested, it’s not too big.

What version of DuckDB did you use to create the file? (And sharing the file would indeed be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:)

hey mootari, it’s been a minute since my last question, but I think you helped me back then too!

I have the file attached to a notebook and the publications.db link is this

the version of the python duckdb code is 0.10.2

duckdb-wasm uses duckdb 0.9.1, and unfortunately that version is only partially forward compatble with duckdb 10. I can confirm that I’m able to read the file with the duckdb CLI, but not with the duckdb web shell (which also uses duckdb-wasm).

For now my recommendation would be to export your database using a different format like parquet.

Oh check that out, if I removed the primary key and foreign key entries it might be viable?

yup sure enough, that forward compatible link was everything I needed to make this work.