Upload features for users to plot bubbles from their own Data.

I have created a second map where users can use their own set of data to plot the bubbles. Although, it will only work if the Country Code of uploaded .CSV data is the same as ISO_A2 (Country Code)from the .JSON file used in my Notebook. There are some issues I could not resolve. Mainly

  1. Some countries appear in the top left corner of the map which is not actually correct (the second map should actually plot the countries like the first map as both map has same longitude and latitude)

  2. The same zoom function is working for the first map but not for the second map (that is kind of confusing me)

  3. Will it be possible to generate input buttons automatically from the uploaded file, or should it be done manually every time. If I could get some help and suggestions, it would be so great. I have included a dummy data in my notebook (in the data pane—File Attachments) which can be used to test the second map. Here is the link :

Bubble Map

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I have solved the 2 and 3 Issue but the issue 1. still remains open in the second map where users can upload a own set of data.

This issue has been solved !