Cluster Bubble reading only one parameter

I have created Cluster Bubbles with some data countries that form clusters of Continents, Everything works nicely except the size of the bubble does not change according to parameter selection. That could be because I am unable to assign value : (property) to multiple parameter at once so that the bubble size would change as per parameter selection.

Currently, the value is assigned to one parameter and the bubble also forms based on this same parameter (so that the bubble size does not change on different parameter selection). It would be great if could get some help regarding how i could assign the value in such a way, that the bubble size would change according to respective parameter selection.

Here is my Cluster Bubbles

I’ve forked your notebook and I think I got it to work (with some help from my colleague Ian Johnson). I’ve sent you a suggestion. The main issue seems to have been using the parameter in the pack function.


Thank you so much for quick reply and I thank you and your colleague Ian wholeheartedly, and sorry for asking more. That is almost the solution I wanted, but could something be done about the bubbles that are escaping the field. For instance in area and inflation rate they tend to leave the fields, so I wanted to ask more as I have been struggling to achieve this : why are they escaping the window. If they could stay inside the window, that would be a great solution.

I tried applying something using factors, but I think I am using it on the wrong position.
bubbles appearing with same size bad

Hello @eagereyes and everyone,
I have solved this issue, now the bubbles are contained within the window frame.
The next thing I am trying to do it place the continent bubbles according to the continent’s location as of the world map, for example if Europe is middle in the world map I want to place the bubbles from Europe in the middle and vice versa. I will let you know what unfolds.

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