Sticky div and Top button integration to notebook

Is there a way to integrate a sticky div and top button for this notebook ?
I would like it to have be the same functionality as this block but an observable version.

I tried to inject the sticky div and button to div#app which, I think encapsulates the notebook?.
My attempt was unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance.

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This isn’t currently possible, sorry. Notebook content is not allowed to overlay system content; this makes it harder for user-generated notebook content to masquerade as part of the system user interface. It might be possible to support this in some limited way in the future (say by having a special sticky cell), but we don’t have any current plans to support it.

You can using position-sticky and position-fixed elements when you embed your notebook on your own site, where you control how your notebook is displayed.

I was curious to know if it was possible. Thank you, for the swift response.

Just want to echo the a feature request for something like a sticky cell – there are a few notebooks I’ve been playing with that have single, main visualizations that change dynamically in response to user inputs such as sliders. Unfortunately, for small screen sizes, you can’t really see how the main visualization responds when changing the slider, because there are too many other inputs in the way. Having a sticky cell feature would totally fix the problem!