Spell Checker

I would be eternally grateful if Observable implemented a spell checking feature, as I can’t spell for chitt. As I’ve typed this feedback, I’ve probably misspelled about a dozen words. Thank god it has a spell checker!!



Absolutely – this is especially important re: accessibility for ESL / international students

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I have tried

  • grammarly,
  • Site spell
  • Website Spell Check

Which are Chrome extensions that are supposed to spell check whole websites (ex. Grammarly), but none work on ObservableHQ (must be iframes or dynamic content or something)

My best workflow ATM is to paste markdown into https://app.grammarly.com/ and then paste back into cells when done. It does at least preserve formatting and links.

Would love an extension or something that would just spell check everything on the page too.


:tada: Grammarly now works with markdown cells

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Great this will help massively in all my productionalizationitizing activities!

Haha. Yeah, I did have a little moment of apprehension when I realized that example was slightly embarrassing. Thanks for calling it out :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually it’s not just markdown cells. Now I have turned on grammarly extension for all my personal pages [1] I see even the markdown template tags work! Very cool!

[1] Grammarly is essentially a keylogger so I have it turned off in the Chrome settings by default except for very specific low security sites (like medium) or on-demand.

It’s probably looking for the contenteditable and spellcheck attributes?