(silly) feature request: picture input for collection covers

I love the option and interface to upload an image cover for our collections! I’d also love it if there were a draw me interface tucked in there somewhere.

:slight_smile: I realize this is probably a bit silly. Hope it’s taken in good humor. I sincerely think it’d be a cool addition.

thanks for the built-in download option for cells!


Not so silly!

The collection image preview box supports direct pasting of images, so you can visit:

… and copy and paste the image directly into your collection cover, like so:

But in all seriousness, it’s pretty useful for quickly grabbing the most picturesque portion of a notebook for thumbnail purposes…


Nice trick (and tip)! Thank you Jeremy!

Follow-up question: How do you change your mouse into a draggable selection tool?

On Mac OS: cmd + ctrl + shift + 4
On Windows 10: Use Microsoft’s Snip & Sketch.


Windows key + shift + s. Amazing.