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Run Observable inside GitLab

Now there is https://gitlabcommitvirtual2021.com/ and I can’t stop thinking if Observable notebooks could be run inside of GitLab UI to enhance just about any screen. All GitLab information is already exposed as an API. Is it something awesome? Or I am just hallucinating…

You might be able to borrow on @asg017 dataflow and embed an observable-like UI within GitLabs. @a10k might be able to offer some insights. :slight_smile:

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Observable Markdown should work:

Visualization/packages/observable-md at trunk · hpcc-systems/Visualization (github.com)

Storyboard (githack.com)

I believe @abitrolly is asking about notebook-powered widgets that consume (or modify) Gitlab data via its API.

Relevant links:


Observable Markdown demos didn’t work for me. Firefox console reports this lib is missing.


Thanks for the heads up - we were having a few issues with some new GitHub actions and those files weren’t being updated! Should be resolved now.