proly too sooon, but would be cool to see observablehq notebooks renderred on github

main gist idea here:



Do you mean rendered in a different way than via embed? @Fil 's website is hosted via GitHub:

yeah, exactly like embed in @Fil 's example, but when you navigate to observablehq js file in repo. similar to how github renders geojson today, etc. Jupyter Py notebooks are rendered as cells on github today. Hopefully, someday if this platform grows we can see observable js notebooks rendered as cells too.

Itโ€™s a good idea โ€“ and Iโ€™ve also been wishing I could view JS visualizations when I embed them within *.md files via GitHub (rather than having to publish them as GH pages). From what I gather, however, this is unlikely to happen:

well, they donโ€™t have to be runnable. thatโ€™s what observablehq is for.

If github just showed the cells and outputs I think it would be a huge leap forward for JS notebooks.

See this .ipynb gist for what I mean. Github doesnโ€™t render them raw.

Just an idea I wanted to throw out there for @mbostock and @tom to explore with github.

I support and love this idea

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My related question:

If GitHub would support ObservableHQ Notebooks like Jupyter Notebooks (apart from unsupported rendering JavaScript result in Jupyter Notebook) that would solve my problem.

If anyone would know if GitHub is planning this, I will be grateful for the notice.

You could use one of the โ€œinterpreterโ€ versions of Observable Runtime:

Which is the same interpreter that is used in:

What is interesting is that VS Code is in the process of adding support for cell based notebooks, like Jupyter and ObservableHQ

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