Using Notebooks in online textbook

Dear All,

I’m trying to embed some Observable notebooks into a Jekyll-powered online textbook that mostly uses Jupyter notebooks. See:

Is there a straightforward way I can change the CSS to match the parent, and to only include a subset of the cells that are displayed in the output?

Best wishes


Hi there.

Looks like you’re generating your page from here:

And that you’re embedding your Observable notebook as a iFrame?

Have you tried working through @jashkenas 's embed tutorial? Jeremy talks about how one can pull in each cell at a time, which may address your question about showing a subset of your notebook’s cells.

Regarding the CSS, @Fil 's Jekyll example writes additional CSS into the Jekyll page HTML:

I clumsily hacked this together. I continue to struggle to get the CSS looking good, but it at least it shows your visualization with only one control in Jekyll: