Request: a full list of "popular this week" beyond the first nine

Currently, “Popular this week” shows the nine notebooks that were published in the last week and received the most likes.

If I click “show more” it takes me to the most recent notebooks, sorted by publication order. I expected it to implicitly mean “show more of this week’s popular notebooks”, not “show more notebooks”, so that was a bit confusing at first.

A list of most recent notebooks is of course very useful, but it would be nice if I could also order them by popularity, ideally with “notebooks published last week/month/year/any time” (kind of like on Reddit, for example).

EDIT: I’m sure the devs have thought of this feature and that it’s on the todo-list. Just wanted to voice my support for bumping it in feature-priority :wink:


Related FR: it would be nice to be able to sort a user’s notebooks (including/especially your own) by “likes” or “first published” instead of the default “most recently published.”