Recover 3D model from x3dom binary files

Hi guys, I don’t know if somebody will be able to help me but i have to ask.
I’m currently working on two binary geometry files generated by aopt tool in order to load a 3D model inside an html page. I would like, with these two .bin files regenerate a 3D model (.obj or .stl …)
The files are

  • BG_3_interleaveBinary.bin#0+8
  • BG_3_indexBinary.bin
    Extract of our html code :

shape def=“SP_3” render=“true” bboxcenter=“0,0,0” bboxsize=“-1,-1,-1” ispickable=“true”
appearance use=“rn51” /appearance
binarygeometry def=“BG_3” compressed=“true” coord=“binGeo/BG_3_interleaveBinary.bin#0+8” coordtype=“Uint16” index=“binGeo/BG_3_indexBinary.bin” normalassphericalcoordinates=“true” position=“4794.96484375 1805.27502441 1568.5” primtype=“"TRIANGLESTRIP" "TRIANGLES"” size=“316.050292969 281.270019531 243.379882813” vertexcount=“36220 14022” solid=“true” ccw=“true” usegeocache=“true” lit=“true” indextype=“Uint16” normaltype=“Float32” texcoordtype=“Float32” colortype=“Float32” tangenttype=“Float32” binormaltype=“Float32” numtexcoordcomponents=“2” normalpervertex=“true” /binarygeometry

Can you share your notebook or alternatively a simplified fork?

Sorry Mootari but I don’t have it, i’m going to check what i can share with you in order to help.