Issues requiring x3dom module

Hi all,

I am looking for some help with an issue I am having requiring an x3dom module in one of my notebooks:

I have already described the issue in the notes at the top of the notebook above (along with some of my notes) but in summary I am trying to load a dependency module, x3dom, into this notebook, I am trying 2 different methods each manifest themselves with different errors:

  • Ne: invalid module
  • ReferenceError: x3dom is not defined

I have already worked through Tom MacWright’s notebooks re help loading stubborn modules and had no joy:

Has anyone got any other ideas?


One way to avoid race conditions in the current code of your notebook is simply to give the d3X3dom cell explicit dependencies on d3 and x3dom like this:

d3X3dom = {
  return require("");
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You are a genius! Thank you @bgchen.
That works a treat.

I’d still like to get to the bottom of why the version of d3-x3dom which includes x3dom in the rollup config errors with Ne: invalid module but your fix to the race issue is at least solved and the notebook works all the time.

If anyone is an expert in my rollup/babel, this is what I have in my rollup config for the one which results in the above error:

export default {
   input: "index.js",
   output: {
      globals: { d3: "d3", x3dom: "x3dom"}
   external: ["d3", "x3dom"],