Reactivity not working in Microsoft Edge

I tried to search around but haven’t found much about issues with Microsoft Edge.
My notebook works fine in Firefox/Chrome but that is not the case in Microsoft Edge.
When I select the first dropdown menu the others do not get updated (which is the case in Firefox and Chrome)
In the console on Edge I only see the following error:
CSP14309: Unknown directive 'manifest-src' in Content-Security-Policy - directive will be ignored.

I did also embed the cells in a website and those work when browsed via Firefox/Chrome but not Edge.

Has anybody any (bad) experience with Edge?
Should I simply warn people browsing to use Firefox/Chrome?

Thanks in advance for considering my request for help/feedback

Appears to be working fine in Edge for me - Version 86.0.622.43 (Official build) (64-bit)

thanks for your feedback.
When I check Edge I find:

Microsoft Edge 44.17763.831.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.17763

I am on Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise (Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763)

It looks like our IT guys are far behind!

Your on “Edge Legacy” which is not based on Chromium, see:

Good my machine have been upgraded to latest (Chromium-based) Edge build.
Thanks foe all the help and feedback!