Cannot use Observable in Chrome

I would like to report a problem in Chrome.

At this moment I can only use the website, the playbook and the forum in Firefox.

  • There’s no Sign in button
  • The Sign up button has no events
  • There’s a CORS warning

In Firefox everything is working fine.

Hi, @gomespereira

The JavaScript bundle should have the proper CORS headers set to run on

Are you using any Chrome extensions or proxies that might be intercepting your web requests, and stripping or modifying the headers?

If so, try turning them off and let us know if the page starts working.

Otherwise, if it still doesn’t load, tell us more about your Browser and operating system versions, so that we can investigate further…

I use Linux Mint 19 with Kernel 4.15.0-39 and my Chrome version is 70.0.3538.110.

I disabled all my extensions (I use just a few), but that didn’t work.

It seems to work if I do an Empty cache and Hard Reload.

Let me know if there’s any information I can provide to help.

Okay. If you open up the Network tab in the Inspector, and look at the headers for the main HTML request for, what do you see?