Compatibility issues with MS Edge

Hi folks.

I just dropped comments into a couple notebooks that I imagine you’ll see soon.

Related to one bug in particular: It seems that the now built-in ‘download to SVG / PNG’ buttons in cells with charts won’t work on MS Edge (to whatever extent that bothers you). I discovered this first due to an error on the old-fashioned download buttons that you were using before implementing the options from the cell menu:

${ rasterize(chart), null, "Download as PNG")}
${ serialize(chart), null, "Download as SVG")}

The error given is:

TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method 'Symbol.iterator'

Hope this helps!

Hey Aaron,

Thanks for the report! We initially suspected that this was because Edge didn’t support NodeLists as iterators, but it looks like the problem goes deeper than that - it tracks back to a lack of support for .toBlob on Canvas elements and another failure with serializing SVG that we’re still tracking down. So this’ll be a little while until we track down a fix, or until Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge successor launches. Sorry about that.

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