plot show & tell, plus viz help wanted

Hope it’s OK to do a dual show n tell + request for help.

We’re interested in river water quality in England and Wales (and Scotland when we can find the data)

We use Plot all over the place, including for our lovely “petri dish map” on the home page.

We would love data viz help!

Some pages with Plot…

Homepage - “petri dish map”
Constituency - Live pollution - Top of the Poops | Constituency | The Cotswolds

We particularly would love help with the cell plot example.



Thanks for sharing! Don’t hesitate to ask questions. I noticed two small issues: one map (showing rivers) didn’t seem to have a proper projection, and the time axis didn’t have enough marging.

Thanks! Map projection hopefully improved.

When you say time axis… which chart? If you mean the cell chart, yes I agree its not quite right (especially on mobile), but I dont really know what a good viz might be!

Thanks for pointing out the projection particularly, as I’ve been ignoring it.