Plans for making API public?


In one of my projects, there is a requirement for a dynamic blog posts platform.


A very convenient way for this would be using Observablehq API directly.

So, we would set up a new Observablehq user and we would use a collection of notebooks as the menu items and each notebook would be a blog post itself. Much like it is in the Observablehq platform itself.

I know I can integrate existing notebooks directly, but I want to automate as many things as I can. In my view, the client(human being) would just create a new notebook and it would be automatically added in the actual blog platform, which would live in the custom domain. This requires the usage of three, currently existing APIs (As I am aware, between them only one is public now )


Do you recommend using existing (listed bellow) API’s or do you plan to publish similar API endpoints in the future, which would be used by external web apps?

Collections API

Collections and notebooks API

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In terms of using these APIs… they are not meant to be publicly facing APIs, and could change in the future. I love your creative use of these APIs to create a simple UI to showcase your notebooks. We are also working hard to make the curating and browsing experience even more fun on the platform itself.
We do not have any firm plans to provide supported APIs for these types of queries into Observable, so I would at this point just warn you to use them at your own risk and be aware that they may not work in the future.