Off-screen buttons on iPhone

Hi, I’m magjac. I’m an Observable-a-holic. I’m currently at sea and my laptop has run out of battery so I’m hackning away om my iPhone. This is possible, but extremely difficult since the buttons to the left are placed almost completely off-screen. Espcially when the phone is in upright position.

I realize this might not be of top priority, but it would be nice if it worked well.

Cell names are not visible at all.

If you tap the pencil icon that floats in the lower left corner, the gutter will slide in to make the cell names visible.

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Thanks. That solved the problem.:slightly_smiling_face:

Still, not the full variables names are not visible, but that’s no big deal.

The pencil is visible when in upright position, but not in when the iPhone is turned. However, if the pencil is clicked before turning it works fine, i.e. the left buttons remain visible.