[ iPad css error when vertical ]

Hey there!

Amazing work! I’m loving the entire setup of this. It reminds me so much of my reading experience with ‘the books of shaders’ and also ‘the nature of code’. This is 100% the way to show and learn.

However, on the iPad in vertical mode the css is cutting off the left hand toggle areas. Might just be a very small minimum size tweak to get it working properly.

Keep it up!


I believe this is intentional. There is one weird thing though. If you make the view even narrower (e.g. look on a phone display, or a narrow desktop window) a little pencil icon shows up in the lower left; clicking this toggles the left column open or shut. But at the width of a vertical tablet, the left column is basically hidden but this button doesn’t show up yet.

It might make sense to make this button show up any time the window is too narrow to show much of the left-hand column.

Yep! See Off-screen buttons on iPhone

Yeah. Again, as far as I can tell that is the intended behavior. One thing @tom & co. might want to consider is making sure the little pencil button shows up at the bottom right for any viewport width such that the left column is otherwise hidden.