Couple of ‘small screen’ glitches

Hi guys,
Great work on the continual improvements!
Nothing major, just a couple of small screen (iPhone XS, Safari IOS12) glitches:

  1. The ‘Help’ link menu is cut off in portrait mode - unable to click links.

  2. The users homepage link is wrapped and overlaps something behind the text.

Thanks again for great application!

Hey James - thanks for the feedback! We’ve rolled out some fixes that should fix these glitches.

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I was about to open a similar topic: on my Fairphone 2 (running Android 7), the Canvas element does not seem to be sized correctly:

(happens in both Firefox and Chrome browsers). As a point of comparison, here is the source image element in the same notebook, as well as what the notebook looks like on my desktop:

Notebook itself can be found here: