Setting to view var name in cells that aren't being edited

Hi, very new user. I’m following a video tut (Earthquakes!) and I see var names being displayed to the left of each cell even when the cell is not being edited. But I can’t see how to make that happen on my first example. It’s pretty inconvenient for var names to disappear when I need to refer to them in another cell that I’m editing. How can I make this happen? Thanks!

Ah, I see. If I zoom waaay out the vars on the left of the cells come into view. So it seems the UI does not adapt to screen size. Is there some way to control this so I can zoom into a reasonable font size and have the UI presentation adapt to the content width?

Qyoom, what resolution do you view your notebook in a browser?

I believe Observable collapses cell names at 960px to expose more cell content on smaller screens.

Also see this intro to observable notebooks, cell naming, refs, etc.:

Hope that helps.

My Macbook screen is 1280 x 800 and I want to look at a browser page at 100% size. But in order to be able to see any assigned var names in a cell that is not the active edit cell I have to zoom out to %75 which makes Observable unusable to me, unless there is a way to make it show me var names at %100 (or any zoom factor).

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This is what I see at 1280px width (which includes cell names and controls in both margins):

Are you seeing something different, @Qyoom?

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